Itty Bitties – Babies 0-2

A portrait of our child is one way to preserve memories in a tangible form. They grow up so quickly, so if we can freeze an occasional moment in time, it becomes so precious to us. As they grow from infant to adult, there are times when their development and physical appearance changes so drastically, that most of us desire to have it recorded in print.

During your portrait session, I encourage you to make it very special to you. And how can you do this? Does your little one have a favorite toy? How about a treasured blanket? Even their binky that they are completely in love with? These are the things that make a portrait memorable. Even though it seems trivial, when they are grown up, these portraits can snap you back to a time when cuddles were a given freely and we were still Mommy and Daddy.

Precious Babies … Like the most delicate flower, their need to be loved never fades