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About LaLear Photography

Hello! Welcome to the world of LaLear Photography!

Let me tell you a little about what motivates us, moves us and makes us different from any other photography business out there.

From the time I was a youngster in 4-H, I had a fascination with photography. Capturing the unique angles, sneaking in the candid expressions that defines the person, freezing moments in time that can be revisited again and again with pictures.

Fast forward to the time in my life of having littles running around my house. Just like most, I would take my kiddos to the commercial studios. Getting them dressed, packing extra outfits just in case they messed it up on the way to the studio, corralling them in an itty-bitty space, hoping they didn’t knock anything over. Then getting them to pose, not cry, dealing with the “look at the birdie” from people I am sure had never had much experience with children, let alone my active bunch. At that time, I wish I had an alternative to getting these pictures. Session done: now for the photographer to tell me which picture is for the package “deal”. It was always the worst…always, and my “deal” would turn into a couple hundred dollars to get the picture I felt best portrayed my angels. Once again, wishing there was an alternative for portraits of my children.

Somewhere along the lines, an idea started to form in my head, but only as a dream:

  • To own my own photography business
  • To make family portraits more affordable
  • To offer ‘poses’ that I wanted and not to be at the mercy of the photographer
  • To give the freedom of choosing which images go on the wall
  • To offer options to break out of the studio and travel for our clients

So, in October of 2013, LaLear Portraits was born.

I had 2 major supporters in this huge step.

The first, is my husband, who has since joined me in this business. From the time we met he told me that I can do this. That if I didn’t at least try, then I would never know. That it is something that I could do and love doing it.

The second, a 13 year old girl that always was a voluntary model. For her 14th birthday gift she asked for a session including her 3 best friends. This is Olivia Lear. Always telling me I could, I should, I need to. She was the driving force with ideas, commentary, and even editing advice. In 2015, we lost our beautiful dancer to Osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer that predominantly attacks children and teens). So now this business will succeed in her honor, for without her influence, I most likely would have never taken this leap of faith.

And that is just the beginning! Since then we have had clients that have turned into friends, one little even calls me Aunt Lisa, which I love. On November 4, 2018 we opened a full-service photo studio in Downtown Fostoria! We love to have fun, capture the true personality, and create the best photos for you out there.

Enjoy browsing through our galleries and contact us to schedule your session today.

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